2020 in summary? We’d call it a disruption. We experienced it everywhere from the workplace to the grocery store. And if you’re a parent, the struggle is real when it comes to virtual learning. Although you think you might go crazy with everyone trying to get work done remotely, you can get through it. Here are 4 tips for making working parents and distance learning work.

Create a schedule that works best for your family

We suggest creating a schedule to provide more structure for your child’s learning. The most significant change for kids has probably been the lack of a schedule. Think — prior to COVID-19, they woke up every day to an alarm, ate breakfast, went to school with structured class schedules, and then participated in after school activities before coming home for dinner. Now, that structure is gone. 

But don’t forget about your own work schedule. You may need to organize your day around your child’s most grueling subject matter. Set your working hours up for when they won’t need your help. This might be during independent reading time, P.E. class on Zoom or during subjects that come easily to your kid. 

Be flexible with your children and your work schedule

We don’t need to tell you, but these are unprecedented times. There will be a few trial runs before you get dialed in. Stay flexible, and re-examine your needs weekly: 

  • Maximize your time by waking up early. It’s challenging, but you can get more done when everyone is asleep.
  • 8-hour workdays have gone out the window. Be realistic, and don’t put added pressure on yourself to work precisely from 9-5.
  • Schedule breaks during the day. This might be a trip to your coworking space to focus for a couple of hours. However, a brain break, like a quick bike ride or walk with the family, goes a long way too. 
  • Be prepared for interruptions, and ask for help (hello, Grandma!) when you need it. 

Consider an alternative to working from home

Some things like poor wi-fi or a lack of office space make virtual school and working from home physically impossible. Look locally for a coworking space that offers shared or private office space for rent. What’s great about a coworking space is that you can drop in for a day, a week, or rent an office space for the entire month (you have never needed flexibility more than you do now). It’s ideal if you have older children who don’t need your help to complete work. Or, consider alternating work schedules with your spouse. Grab a Day Pass or other Membership at Studio Workspaces if you consider coworking in the Sacramento area. 

Utilize your child’s school resources

Here’s one thing you know by now: you never get the full story from your at-home student. For working parents whose kids are seriously challenged by distance learning, there is likely a load of resources at your child’s school. Teachers often have scheduled meeting hours to help students individually or in small groups. There are also online resources and tools that might benefit your child’s specific needs. Double-down on resources before you begin reteaching yourself Algebra 2.

Trying to make this whole working parents and distance learning situation work? Book a tour of any of our four Studio Workspaces locations to see if coworking is the work-from-home alternative you need.